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Orthoses may also known as orthotics or insoles. They are used to help the biomechanical function of the foot by providing support and better foot positioning which may relieve pressure and pain on certain parts of the foot, reduces pain and corrects malformation of the foot.

A foot orthosis is an i-shoe medical device which is designed to alter the magnitude and time sequences of the reaction forces acting on the sole of your foot. This promotes more normal foot and lower leg function reducing damage loading forces on the structural components of the foot and lower limb during weight bearing activities. 

There are different types of temporary and permanent orthoses. The type of orthoses which you may be prescribed will be determined through our assessment process. 

They can be off the shelf customised to your foot using moulding and digital engineering techniques.

Orthoses are durable and it may be appropriate for you to continue to use the same orthotic for many years unless you are still growing. However, yearly check ups are advisable to ensure you are still receiving the right support. 

Using orthoses may reduce the risk of long term suffering and permanent damage not just to your feet but other parts of your body.